Wanted: Free TTCN-3 compiler

Wanted: Free TTCN-3 compiler

Post by Jan Kristianse » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 16:31:27


Does anybody know if there is a free TTCN3 compiler ??


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1. Vacancy: TTCN-3 tools and test system developer


we are currently looking for applicant for the following position at Nokia
Research Center in Bochum, Germany:

Position Description:
You will be a member of a established and growing team, developing and
maintaining test tools, test methodologies, and test systems for 3rd
generation mobile communications systems.

Excellent infrastructure, high competence level of the existing team and
practical experience on projects will enable you to quickly develop an
in-depth understanding of the key technical areas and skills required for
TTCN-3 based testing and 3rd generation mobile communications systems

You are holding a Masters degree (e.g. Dipl.-Inform. or Dipl.-Ing.) or
higher in Computer Science or are completing your studies by working on a
Masters thesis. A high degree of competence in compiler construction,
software development using C/C++, and a knowledge of Unix based operating
systems is required.

Additionally knowledge of two or more key skills out of the following list
would be beneficial to your success and accelerated personal development:

Mobile telecommunication protocols (e.g. GSM, GPRS, UMTS)
Conformance testing of telecom protocols
Development of protocol software

More information and online application at:


Best regards

Stephan Tobies

Stephan Tobies   Research Engineer, Nokia Research Center
                 Mobile Networks Lab, Protocol Engineering Group

Work Phone:      +49-234-9842262
Fax:             +49-234-9843491
Address:         NRC Bochum, Meesmannstr. 103, 44807 Bochum, Germany

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