High Tech Units Conversion Software

High Tech Units Conversion Software

Post by Asher Glau » Sat, 05 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Unit Conversion Software Designed  for the Technical Professional and
Units Pro.  A Windows95/NT Units Conversion Program.
  -   Eliminate the errors.
  -   Speed up calculations.
  -   Loaded with features
      - 150,000+ conversions
      - build your own units to add to the database.
      - mathematical expression  evaluator ( enter a complex expression  to
      - Advanced selection options -
      -Dimensional Analysis
      - more ...
  -   $32 USD
  -   1 minute to install.
  -   3 minutes to learn to use.
      For a full demo and ordering information , go to
List of available categories: ( May be added to with the User Units Feature)
                             Accelaration-Angular Acceleration-Linear
                             Area Moment Of Inertia
                             Bulk Modulus
                             Charge Density, Electric
                             Charge, Electric
                             Concentration (1)
                             Concentration (2)
                             Conductance, Electric
                             Current Density
                             Current, Electric
                             Emf, Potential, Electric
                             Energy Density
                             Field Strength, Electric
                             Flux Density
                             Fuel Comsumption
                             Heat Capacity
                             Heat Flux Density
                             Luminous emmitance
                             Luminous Flux
                             Luminous Intensity
                             Magnetic Field Strength
                             Magnetic Flux
                             Magnetic Flux Density
                             Mass Flow Rate
                             Molar Energy
                             Molar Entropy
                             Moment, Turning
                             Radiant Flux
                             Radiant Intensity
                             Resistance, Electric
                             Specific Energy
                             Specific Heat / Entropy
                             Specific Volume
                             Specific Weight
                             Surface Tension
                             Thermal Conductivity
                             Viscosity- Absolute
                             Viscosity- Kinematic
                             Volume Flow Rate

1. High tech *Capitalist Commune* starting new software venture in UK

High tech *Capitalist Commune* starting new software venture in UK

Quite possibly the UK's first capitalist commune is seeking participants
to help develop a totally new kind of business software.

If you like leading edge stuff and want company shares and senior role in
the company you work for then maybe you should e-mail me.

This is a company start-up situation.  However, you will NOT be asked to
put money into it but you WILL need to survive on a LOW income whilst the
product is being developed.  Development could take 15-18 months!

The project will be based in the UK and needs the following people in the
team...  You can read more about it in Computer Weekly (UK issue) 11.1.96
on pages 6 and 46.

An MBA/business generalist - Industrial experience not necessary
                             We need your academic skills on this project!

A designer/visualiser      - More of an artist than a computer artist!
                           - experience of Multimedia authoring

Computer scientist         - Multi dimensional/multi-layer/Massive
                             database objects/OO data modelling
                             compilers, x86 assembler

Programmers                - Windows/95/NT/MFC/C/C++

Project manager            - Experience in 'heavy' technology projects

Jonathan Friedman

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