Windows User Interface standards vesrus Browser User interface standards.

Windows User Interface standards vesrus Browser User interface standards.

Post by Evangelos Mavrogiannaki » Thu, 31 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I have posted this question before but I didn't receive the type of feedback
I was hoping . So here is my question again!!
To test an application for compliance with  Win 95 user interface standards,
we get the Microsoft Windows 95 User Interface standards (published) and we
compare them with our application user interface etc. So far so good.
What if the application has a browser for front end (Explorer or Netscape or
any other browser) , what standards we can follow for the user interface?
Can we still talk about Windows 95 user interface standards? Personally I
went through Microsoft's "Windows Interface Guidelines for software design"
and I didn't find any reference in cases that the front end is browser.
So I would appreciate any one's feedback based on the following points.
a) If the application is browser based, does it still make sense to refer to
Windows  95 User Interface standards?
b) Is any other source (Microsoft or not) out there that might give us some
standardization of the user interface for browser based applications?

Thank you in advanced.
Angelos . QA Analyst.


1. Standard tests for browser based User Interface

I 'm searching for an overview of black-box tests that apply to almost all
browser/web based User Interfaces. I tend to group these tests under the
name Syntax tests on screen level.

Thanks in advance for any help on this issue

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