loading compiled module as system module

loading compiled module as system module

Post by Charles Reac » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 20:54:54

I suspect what the documentation means by a system module not being stopped by a pause *command* is that it won't be stopped by a pause from the Winrunner toolbar or menus. Apparently pause *functions* still work?
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1. Loading C++ compiled modules on vxWorks

Hi vxWorks newsgroup users,

        I loaded on vxWorks 5.2 a module which was compiled with g++. I had
many public procedures in this module. I discovered that I could not
call those procedures on vxWorks, I received the message "symbol
uncefined". I then tried to wrap some procedures with the extern "C"{}
command (the functions that could be compiled in C), and I realized that
those functions could be inveked on vxWorks. But I am not satisfied with
that. I do need to call all my functions from vxWorks, not only those
that can be compiled in C. Is there a solution to the problem ?

Thanks !

Philippe O'Reilly

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Varennes, QC, Canada   J3X 1S1
+1 514 652-8011

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