rational Robot+oracle

rational Robot+oracle

Post by miche » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 00:57:05

I am michela gammone and I am one student
of computer science near the Bari university.  
I am making a thesis on the robot of the rational,
I must test of the applications developed with oracle developer 6i.  
I have some problems on the acknowledgment of some objects of the form oracle
you could help me?  Michela thanks

1. Testing with Rational Robot and Rational TestFactory Release 7.5

I would like to test a client/server system with the Rational
The client is a JApplet which is reading parameters from its html-file.
First question:
Is it possible to use Rational TestFactory v7.5 and Rational Robot to
non-Gui (server)application?
Second question:
Is it possible to test java applets which are reading parameters from
html.-file with Rational TestFactory.

I also would be happy, if somebody knows some testtool to do functional
tests on java applet and applications.


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