Best Software Quality Assurance Team...

Best Software Quality Assurance Team...

Post by Brad Port » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 12:58:03

Any nominations for the best software quality assurance team ever?  Is
their a particular company or project that really sets the bar in the
industry?  Who do you admire the most?

Trying to learn from the best what it takes to be the best!



1. JOB: Software Quality Assurance Manager or Team Leader *** Prism Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA

Prism Solutions, a leader in data warehouse software, has a newly
created position in its Sunnyvale headquarters for a Manager or Team
Leader of Software Quality Assurance. Prism's data warehouse software is
developed for a Windows desktop interfacing to Sybase, Oracle, Informix
or DB2 databases on an IBM, DEC, Tandem, or Unix mainframe.

This Software QA Manager or Team Leader will establish QA deliverables
for a group of software QA engineers, implement QA processes and methods
throughout the company, implement software manufacturing processes to
improve quality and predictability, review and approve design
documentation, user and technical specifications and manuals, and lead
the writing of test plans and QA schedules. Additional responsibilities
include running Alpha and Beta test programs, tracking post-release
defect data to improve test coverage for future products, and working
with counterparts at customer sites to establish good working
relationships and shared project goals.

This position requires strong technical skill in software testing,
people management, time management, and project management skills, solid
decision-making skills, a big picture focus, and the ability to
transition quickly from big picture focus to detail focus. Strong
communication skills are essential. A BSCS is highly desirable.

Technical skill in the Windows environment, knowledge of relational
database technology, and experience with Microsoft Test or data
warehouse software would be a plus.

408-428-9104, or call Susan Raskin at 408-537-0303. Susan Raskin Human
Resources Consulting is an equal opportunity staffing firm and Prism
Solutions is an equal opportunity employer. Principals only, please.
Sorry, no new grads.

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4. JOB: Software Quality Assurance Team Leader or Manager *** Prism Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA

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6. JOB: Software Quality Assurance Manager or Team Leader***Prism Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA

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8. JOB: Software Quality Assurance Manager or Team Leader *** Prism Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA

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