Release Contents Documents Format

Release Contents Documents Format

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That looks like a workflow vs. a document layout.<BR><BR>
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1. Release Contents Documents Format

I'm not sure home many people here use a RCD (Release Content Documents) in their development/testing cycle, but I'm a huge fan of using them to control scope and manage expectations (buzz words that management folks can easily understand).

It's a quick glance at the release that anyone can understand.  It's not like a release manifest/release notes that chases the release, but a document for planning and status updates.  The section 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are appended with changes, 4.0 and 5 are edited to reflect updates.

I've got a pretty bland format (below) and I'm looking for others who use something like this to share ideas with.

1.0 Release Overview
High level overview of the release.  One or two paragraphs explaining what to expect as far as features/issues go.

2.0 Release Schedule
Include every major/minor date associated with the release.  it's a planning tool so dates are subject to change, but the changes are added as edits (allows for a  
-code freeze
-test plan/test case due dates
-developments release candidate due
-push to the test environment
-test case completion dates
-production release/release to client
-lesson learned

3.0 Planned Issue Resolutions
a item by item list (tied to the issue tracking system #) for every issue that is going be addressed

4.0 Release Specific Issues
In in course of testing, issues (OK...'Bugs') are going to crop up.  These are listed in this section.

5.0 Release Notes
a miscellaneous section.  Notes, changes.

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