Unable to open path\file.inc -- File not found

Unable to open path\file.inc -- File not found

Post by dcree » Wed, 31 Oct 2001 01:20:11

    We've had some similar issues in that we post a lot of SilkTest code on our web site, but we publish it only in .ino format.  However, we created those .ino files with SilkTest 5.5, and no one can use them on 5.032.  So they're not compatible.

    May be a similar issue between other version.s

    Something to try: after you've moved the .inc file into the directory, use 5.032 to compile a new .ino file.  Then move the .inc file away again.  I bet that 5.032 can use the new .ino file by itself.

    - Dave

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