LoadRunner and MS Word

LoadRunner and MS Word

Post by fd9 » Thu, 24 Jul 2003 02:26:09

I am running LoadRunner 7.6 and want to record all events in MS Word (including
start-up).  I have tried various settings to no avail.  Any ideas?  TIA.

1. Converting MS Word ms. to troff -mm ms.

I have been asked to publish a book written in Word.  I've not used Word,
nor do I own copy of it.

Maybe learning Word is simpler than converting the book to troff--which
I know well enough to manage the project with ease.

Any opinions on this?  I've used Wordstar and WordPerfect, but neither
recently.  I'm well-schooled in XyWrite, but this is a personal project
and the PC belong to My Corporate Masters.  :-)  (My own box is an elderly
Macintosh Plus with a failing power supply--but a modem that can reach a
troff-equipped box.)

The manuscript is now on a Macintosh, BTW.  If I had a hard drive for my
Plus, I'd learn Word.  I've got one reliable floppy and one unreliable
800K external drive; it doesn't look like good fit for Word. . . :-(

If I go to troff, is there any tool for making the conversion, or it is
strictly roll your own?

Thanks in advance,


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