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Software tester

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First of all, I am sorry to post this message in this newsgroup because it's
not its purpose.
But in fact I am sure that it will be read by people who are interested in

I am a french software tester and I have been working for France Telecom
(4th international phone company) for 3 years and a half.
I am more a functional tester then a technical tester.

I am looking for a job in the USA.
So if you are interested in my application, feel free to contact me.

Here is my resume.

3 Boulevard Soult
75012 PARIS (France)
(33) 1 43 46 75 45 (home), (33) 1 43 98 58 36 (office)

February 95 to present
In charge of the functional integration tests on the software GIRAFE
(computerized management of the     network, customers, billing and phone
exploitation) :
Tests plans, scripts and reports writing.
    -commercial/technical domain (management of customers, faults and
network management).
    -financial domain (billing, collection, disputes, unpaid payments,
accounting and international     accounting).
    PC, MS-DOS, Windows95
    QA CENTER (Compuware), TESTPRO (Sterling Software).
    In charge of the functional support for programmers.

July 94 to September 94
COGEMA (Cadarache, France).
In charge of a preliminary study for a computerization project of analysis
 Analysis of the information system and specifications writing.
 Market research of software packages for analysis laboratories.

October 93 to January 94
University of Burgundy (Dijon, France).
Teaching assistant in computer science for the students of I.A.E (Institute
of companies     administration).

January 92 to September 92
University of Burgundy (Dijon, France) : research team of the laboratory
Responsible for a research work : formal description of update operators on
an ERC+ database (model Complex Entity Relationship).

April 91 to June 91
University of Burgundy (Dijon, France) : Calculus center of the University
of Burgundy.
Responsible for the analysis and the development of a software to manage the
abbey of Cluny's archives for a history research team.
    PC, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1x
    Oracle (V5)

Summer internships From 1984 to 1992
Banque Nationale de Paris, National Bank of Paris (Chalon s/s, France).
- counter, change counter.
 - cheques automatic processing department.
 -  mail department.
 - current operations.

September 93 to October 94
Master of Administration Degree : Companies Administration
Institute of Companies Administration (I.A.E. : Institut d'Administration
des Entreprises),     University of Burgundy (Dijon, France).

September 91 to September 92
Master of Science Degree : Computer Science (option : databases management
 University of Franche-Comt (Besan?on, France) and University of Burgundy
(Dijon, France).

- French : native language.
 - English : fluent.

Telecommunications knowledges:
- Software GIRAFE :
     - Commercial domain.
     - Network domain.
     - Faults domain.
     - Financial domain.
Computer science knowledges :
    - Conception methodology : MERISE.
    - Functional integration tests methodology.
    - Tests tools :   QA CENTER (Compuware), TESTPRO (Sterling Software).
    - Systems :    MS-DOS, UNIX.
    - DBMS used :   ORACLE, DBASE 3+.
    - MS-WORD (V7), EXCEL (V7).

Available upon request.