Beta-testers needed for a new web search software

Beta-testers needed for a new web search software

Post by Ma » Sun, 20 Jul 2003 20:57:27


We are looking for beta testers for our new web search software for
Windows 9x-XP - PractiSearch. This is a tool that allows looking up a
word (text) in web (search engines, dictionaries, online translators,
news and entertainment sites, whois servers etc.) from any Windows
application just with a click or two. Find more information on  The beta version is available from (1 MB size).

Please send your bug reports and suggestions along with your system

granted a free license for PractiSearch.

Best regards,
Maxim Siefer
Practiline Software


1. New web browser needs beta testers!

Hi everyone!

ZeroSoft's new Halo web editor needs Beta testers. This will be the
first ever release of the program, a version 1.00Beta. You do not have
to have any programming background, or a proffesional web designer.
Simply email a request to be a beta tester to:

Also specify wether you want me to email you the program, or wether
you would like to download it from a web page. Please note that this
version is for Windows 3.1x and up only.

The first 20 beta testers to sign up and actively provide feedback for
the program will have their name put in the final release of the

Regards, Dominik Moreitz.
ZeroSoft Software, Zero Price, Infinite Value
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