A Practical Guide to Critical Software Processes (SEMINAR)

A Practical Guide to Critical Software Processes (SEMINAR)

Post by Michael D. Johns » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 02:52:49

Announcing - NorthWest 9000 Inc. is holding a seminar in Bellevue, WA entitled
 "A Practical Guide to Critical Software Processes" or..."Five Days In The
Belly Of The Beast!"

Topics include Business Systesm, Software Usability, Documentation, Metrics,
ISO 9000 for software (The TickIT scheme), Software Testing, and a special
session on MSTest.

The Business Systems (#1) course presents ways of looking at your company and
the kinds of systems affecting your development processes. No man is an island
and no software development team stands alone (or something like that). This
course will help you understand your organization and provide ways to combat
organizational inertia.

Software Usability (#1) is the study of human/csoftware interaction. Mike
Sellers presents this topic from an unusaul prespective as a sort of marriage
counselor between humans and computers.

The Documentation (#2) course will provide a step-by-step guide to designing
and using documantation that works for you and with you. In this class you
will build a set of cookbooks to make your documentation job easier.

The Metrics (#2) class provides an in-depth exploration of what constitutes a
metrics program, how metrics fit in the software process and where to start
your metrics program.

The TickIT (#3) class will provide an overview of how to apply the TickIT
scheme to your software development processes in order to become ISO 9000
certified. This class will show you how to gain ISO 9000 certification without
having to hoc the farm.

The Software Testing (#4) class covers the entire subject of software testing,
validation, verification, the need and role of requirements, and identifying
when enough testing has been done.

The "Using Microsoft Test" (#5) class will cover the broad capabilities of
MSTest as one means of implementing software testing. The class covers the
MSTest toolset, building test plans and suites, and using MSTest GUI

The seminar will be held at the Bellevue Hilton July 25th through the 29th.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided. If you are interested you can reserve a
spot by calling 1-800-234-6968 or FAX your request to 1-503-537-0300. The cost
is $500 per day or $1500 for the entire week. When requesting a reservation
refer to the number of the class.

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1. A Practical Guide to Software Testing

PRACTICAL SOFTWARE TESTING by Ilene Burnstein takes a unique approach
to teaching readers how to effectively plan for testing, design test
cases, test at multiple levels, organize a testing team, and optimize
use of testing tools.  It introduces testing concepts that are
managerial-, technical-, and process-oriented, using the Testing
Maturity Model (TMM) as a framework.  For more information, please
visit http://www.springer-ny.com/detail.tpl?isbn=0387951318

With its accessible, practical, and well-focused framework, this new
resource provides an integrated presentation of software testing
processes and practices.  Professionals and practitioners in software
testing, software quality assurance, or software validation and
verification will benefit greatly from using this essential resource.

The book includes a sample test plan, comprehensive exercises, and
definitions for software testing and quality.  It also covers testing
topics with either procedurally based or object-oriented programming

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