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Hello everybody,

About 1.5 years ago I started to develop a new, object-oriented programming
language, called Obix. The motto I kept in mind from the beginning on is:
- reliability
- productivity
- ease-of-use
of professional software development

Obix has built-in features which I consider as indispensable for creating
high quality software, but which are absent in most programming languages,
such as:
- design by contract
- automated testing
- default input and multiple output arguments
and many more

You can find much more information at

I would greatly appreciate getting feedback about things you like/dislike or
about other features that would simplify the programmer's life.


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Hi !

I have an application on windows NT 4.0:
        - a Java Client on OrbixWeb 3.0
        - and a C++ server on Orbix2.3c

When launching the client I get the following error :

org.omg.CORBA.INTF_REPOS: remote exception
- Error accessing interface repository
    The libIRclt library may not be linked, or the -DUSE_IR flag

Have you some information about the "libIRclt" library using OrbixWeb3.0

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