CHI '95 * May 7-11 * Early Registration Reminder

CHI '95 * May 7-11 * Early Registration Reminder

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**************Conference Announcement for CHI '95*************

Note: Early Registration Deadline is March 31st!

Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
May 7 - 11, 1995
Denver Colorado, USA

"They're here from Apple Computer, Sony, IBM, NEC, Philips and elite
university labs around the world to swap their ideas ... If you touch
a keyboard, a VCR, a PC, a photocopier, or an ATM, these people
touch you."
-Michael Schrage
Los Angeles Times

CHI Conference Participants Say:

"I came to CHI to get new ideas and techniques that I can take back
to the trenches and apply to today's problems."

"Of all the conferences and trade shows I attend, CHI is the best."

"Tutorials, exhibits and contacts were highlights for me."

(CHI '95), sponsored by ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human
Interaction (ACM/SIGCHI), takes place May 7 - 11, 1995,
in Denver, Colorado, USA. The CHI (Computer-Human Interaction)
conference is the premier forum for exchanging information on all
aspects of how people interact with computers.

THE THEME OF THE  CHI '95 CONFERENCE is Mosaic of Creativity.
Mosaics are an integral part of many of the everyday structures with
which we live.  They combine beauty with utility, and mix decoration
with information. Computing technology should someday serve in the
same ubiquitous, useful, and aesthetic ways.

THE CHI '95 TECHNICAL PROGRAM includes: Tutorials, Papers, Panels,
Workshops,  Videos, Demonstrations, Organization Overviews, Special
Interest Groups, Interactive Posters, Social Action Interactive Posters,
Interactive Experience, Short Papers and Exhibits. New this year:
The Design Briefings technical track to highlight practice and experience.

THE 29 TUTORIALS AVAILABLE AT CHI '95 represent the leading edge of
current practice and research advances that are the future of human-computer
interaction. CHI '95 tutorials provide in-depth study  of topics in a highly
interactive environment. Multimedia presentations are often used to
demonstrate tutorial objectives.  Both full- and half-day tutorials will be
offered at CHI '95.

Tutorial Topics include:

        *       The Internet and Hypermedia
        *       Internationalization of Interfaces
        *       User Interface Design
        *       Usability Testing
        *       Software Development
        *       Computer Learning Environments

Individuals completing 4 tutorial units will receive a "Certificate of
Completion" of 16 hours of professional training in Human-Computer

Opening Plenary speakers for CHI '95 are Joan Greenbaum of City University
of New York, and Morten Kyng, of Aarhus University, Denmark. Greenbaum
and Kyng will discuss their work in Cooperative Design, emphasizing the role
of the user as active participants in the design process.

The changes in the computer business have promoted the convergence of
technologies that used to be in separate spheres: television, computers
and telephones. Closing Plenary speaker is Scott McDonald of Time
Warner Entertainment. McDonald will discuss the impact of this
convergence of technologies and the merging of computers with communications
channels and information and entertainment providers.

MOSAICS COMBINE DIVERSE SHAPES, colors, and materials to create a
larger image.  The creativity that pervades the field of
human-computer interaction is enhanced by the variety of
perspectives, voices, faces, and ideas that come together at the
annual CHI conference.  Like a well-designed mosaic, the success of
the field goes beyond its enjoyable qualities and includes how well
it helps people to think, play, work, communicate and otherwise get
along in the world that is shaped by designers of computer systems.

YOU ARE INVITED to be one of the components of the CHI '95 Mosaic of
Creativity in Denver, Colorado, USA, May 7 - 11, 1995, and to
experience and discuss the world of human-computer interaction.

CHI '95 CONFERENCE BROCHURES  containing advance details of the
Technical Program have been mailed to all SIGCHI members and
CHI '95 cooperating societies. If you are not a member of SIGCHI or one
of its cooperating societies and would like a brochure, contact:

        Deborah Compere, Administrator
        CHI '95 Conference Office
        703 Giddings Avenue, Suite U-3
        Annapolis, MD 21401 USA

        Tel:    +1 410 263 5382
        Fax:    +1 410 267 0332

To receive a CHI '95 Conference Brochure electronically, use one of the
following methods:

Automatic E-mail Server:

Anonymous FTP:
ftp to,
log in as anonymous,
enter your e-mail address as the password,
change to the directory
and get the file chi95-brochure.txt

World Wide Web:

COOPERATING SOCIETIES for the CHI '95 conference are:

ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH)
ACM Special Interest Group on Computers and the Physically Handicapped
ACM Special Interest Group on Office Information Systems (SIGOIS),
Austrian Computer Society (OCG)
British HCI Group (A Specialist Group of the BCS)
Cognitive Science Society
The Division of Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychologists of the
American Psychological Association (Div. 21 of the APA)
Dutch Computer Society (NGI)
European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (EACE)
Gesellschaft fir Informatik, Fachgruppe Software-Ergonomie (GI)
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES)
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, European Chapter
Human Interface (Sice-Japan)
IEEE Computer Society
Italian Association for Artificial  Intelligence (AIIA)
Software Psychology Society (Potomac Chapter)

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January 1995, interactions magazine
February 1995, Denver Business Journal
March 1995, Colorado Computer User
April 1995, WIRED Magazine