increasing the number of mbufs

increasing the number of mbufs

Post by Mark Hell » Sat, 09 Oct 1993 04:19:00

I have a vxWorks system networked to a DEC alpha system.
The alpha system has a client which requests data from
a server running on the vxWorks crate. I had a problems
with the network transfers where the requests from the alpha
would use up all of the vxWorks mbufs. After RTMF'ing and
not finding any information about how to increase the
number of mbufs, I modified the mbuf.h file and changed
#define MAX_MBUFS 1500 to #define MAX_MBUFS 3000. The
sustained transfers then worked fine.

I wouldn't even know what was going on with the transfers
if I only looked at the FM. Poking around the system symbol
table I found a routine mbufShow, which told me what was

I am wondering what ramifications of changing the number of
mbufs are, or if this could cause any problems in any other


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