viewing dynamically loaded modules

viewing dynamically loaded modules

Post by Roger Steine » Wed, 30 Jun 1999 04:00:00

How do I configure the de* so that it knows what source code to
display for the dynamicly loaded modules?

I am using the Tornado de* for UNIX.  I have a handful of tasks I
wish to run in parallel, with a main task loading and spawing the other
tasks.  To do so, from within the main task I have used the moduleLoad
command to load the various modules, the symFindByName command to get
the symbol values, and  VXWTask class to create and spawn the various
tasks.  All of this seems to work perfectly, but I cannot view the
source code from the Tornado De*.  I can view the source of the
main task, but the source code for the dynamically loaded modules come
up in assembly.  I have already verified that the debug flag was set
during compilation.  I have tried the add-symbol-file to add the object
files to the hosts symbol file after the modules are up and running, but
I keep getting an error claiming that the symbol files were not found on
the target.  I'm not sure whats wrong, since I can use a wind shell to
verify that the symbols are in memory and the task are running.


viewing dynamically loaded modules

Post by Kelly, Barr » Thu, 01 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I would also like to see the answer the this question!
(I'm working with x86 target on win32 development env.)


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I suspect what the documentation means by a system module not being stopped by a pause *command* is that it won't be stopped by a pause from the Winrunner toolbar or menus. Apparently pause *functions* still work?
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