New Year's gift - VxWorks and Solaris (LONG)

New Year's gift - VxWorks and Solaris (LONG)

Post by Alain Ninane - FY » Wed, 30 Dec 1992 20:48:45

Hello everybody,
We have received our SPARCclassic one week ago.  The machine is
running the new operating system Solaris 2.1.  Unfortunately, we
forgot to order a C compiler (we didn't know that they were no more
delivered with the system :-(.  Because my primary task is to develop
data acquisition software with VxWorks, I had first to build a
cross-environment to 68k target.  This message describes the
procedure that I have followed.

Note: The installations instructions are mine.  They certainly don't fit
        your own architecture; they are just given as indications.

1. If you don't have one, get a compiler.  You can download, from,
the gcc binaries pre-compiled by cygnus. The file is:
                vendor/cygnus/cygnus-sol2-1.0.bin.tar.Z (5851617 bytes)
Just follow the instruction in INSTALL.
Hints : - add /opt/cygnus/bin and /usr/ccs/bin in your path
                - install everything (or symlinks) in /opt/cygnus

2. Now, you are ready to build a cross-compiler for your VME targets;
in my case: Motorola 68030, 68040 CPUs.

        a) Get gcc-2.3.2 from your preferred gnu source.
        b) configure --host=sparc-solaris --target=m68k-sun-sunos \
                -- with-gnu-ld --with-gnu-as --nfp
        c) Modify the Makefile to remove the `-g' option (otherwise some
        files will not compile).
        d) Optional. In c-decl.c, initialize int flag_no_builtin = 1.
        e) make LANGUAGES=c
        f) installation
                gcc-cross -> /usr/local/bin/cc68k
                cc1               -> /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-sun-sunos/2.3.2/cc1
                cpp               -> /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-sun-sunos/2.3.2/cpp

3. You will need also a cross assembler.  Get gas-1.38.
        a) ln -s m-sun3.h m68k.h
        b) configure the makefile for a system V machine.
        c) make a68
        d) installation
                a68 -> /usr/local/bin/as68k
                in /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-sun-sunos/2.3.2/, make a symlink
                `as' to /usr/local/bin/as68k

4. binutils-1.9 provides you some other cross-tools.  I'm interested only
by some of them (ar68k, ld68k, nm68k, size68k, strip68k).
CFLAGS in the Makefile must be modified.  I have used:
        CFLAGS=-I. -traditional -DVPRINTF_MISSING -Dm68k -DPORTAR \
                                                                                -DCROSS_LINKER  -DUSG -Usparc
        make ar ld nm size strip
        install the tools in /usr/local/bin/...68k

5. To compile a VxWorks kernel, you will also need a program to extract
the symbol table.  It's easy to do:

Note: a.out.h comes from binutils-1.9

<---------------------- xsym.c -------------------------------->
#include    <stdio.h>
#include    <unistd.h>

#define m68k
#define PORTAR

#include    "a.out.h"

{   struct exec exec;
    off_t offset;
    char data;

    if( read(0,&exec,sizeof(struct exec)) != sizeof(struct exec) )
    {   fprintf(stderr,"struct exec read error\n");
    offset = N_SYMOFF(exec);

    exec.a_text  = 0;
    exec.a_data  = 0;
    exec.a_bss   = 0;
    exec.a_entry = 0;

    write(1,&exec,sizeof(struct exec));

    while( read(0,&data,1) > 0 )



<---------------------- END ----------------------------------->

6. Have fun.  Because I never use de*s or other VxWorks tools, I have
not ported them to solaris.  My purpose was to be able to compile and load
my VxWorks software on the new SPARCclassic.

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Dr. Alain H. Ninane     | Tel : +32-10-47.32.32 - Fax: +32-10-45.21.83

Nuclear Physics Dept.   | Ch. du Cyclotron, 2
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