Windows NT instability leads me to plea to Wind River for LINUX

Windows NT instability leads me to plea to Wind River for LINUX

Post by Michael Morriso » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>> I have encountered problems using NT that seem to be easily resolved
>> on the Unix versions (multiple users using Tornado, sharing source trees,
>> etc) - but we are stuck with PCs.

I've been using Linux to develop and debug VxWorks for almost 2 years!
I junked Tornado on NT after too many lockups etc.


Michael Morrison, Sierra Design Labs

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Windows NT instability leads me to plea to Wind River for LINUX

Post by Kelly Hornsb » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I talked to my local (Georgia) WRS rep and he indicated that the upper
echelons will at least inquire to the reps at their all-encompassing sales
convention this quarter whether Linux should be given a chance at all.  My
rep indicated that there's been LOTS of requests for Linux support.   Let's
hope for the best, eh?

In any case, once the files (objects, libraries, header files) are extracted
to a Sun or Win95 machine, you can copy the files to a Linux box and have a
go at the compilation and link processes, since WRS uses the GNU compiler
anyway.  I've done this a good bit and it works fine.


1. Windows NT instability leads me to plea to Wind River for LINUX support

I'm using Tornado for PowerPC SBC development and am extremely frustrated
with the incredible instability of Windows NT.  All to often when I close
one of the Tornado tools (shells, browsers, etc.) I get an NT task error
panel pop-up indicating that NT cannot end the task gracefully.  I ignore
the panel and it disappears after five or ten seconds after which I'm am
able to continue working.  This is irksome at best.  The task error panel
says something about Dr. Watson detecting an error (blah, blah, blah).  
I'm at home now and don't have access (thank god) to the PC and hence
cannot remember the exact message.  I get the same message from other PC
applications such as Matlab.

Another irksome problem is that the PC/NT system that is hosting our
Tornado license server ceases to function properly after several days.
When I check the Tornado License and Registry control panel everything
appears to be functioning properly (i.e. it says that there are four
licenses available and zero in use) but other machines are denied
licenses, getting an error message to the effect that the license server
is down when in fact it is not.  The only way to recover from this
situation is to reboot NT.   Wind River support personnel have been very
helpful in trying to find this problem but when we examine the evidence
everything appears to be set up properly (it has to be for the server to
function properly for several days at a time).

Normally I would complain to the application developer (in this case Wind
River) except for the fact that the same kind of problems happen with
other NT-based applications such as Matlab as mentioned above.  

I ask Wind River to please release a Linux version of Tornado/VxWorks so
that people like me can continue to use cheap PC hardware but don't have
to suffer using such a horrible operating system as NT.  The Mathworks has
released a Linux version of Matlab, Oracle is releasing their database
programs,  etc.  It would seem to me that porting a Solaris version of
Tornado to Linux would be almost trivial compared to making Tornado run,
albeit somewhat unreliably, under NT.

Well that's enough griping for now.  I like Tornado/VxWorks but I hate
having my productivity reduced by a lousy operating system like NT.


Jim Luby

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