Any horror stories about 5.1.1 vs 5.1

Any horror stories about 5.1.1 vs 5.1

Post by Bill Tayl » Thu, 14 Apr 1994 00:02:55

I have a client who must get a fix to the ethernet driver in the
Mot 167 card board support and it was combined with a 5.1 to 5.1.1
change. Should I be concerned about two changes at once to them.

Time is pressing so I can not test it as long as I might like.



1. What's your X10 horror story?

Well, I know we all have those little stories of X10 projects gone
bad..  Mine usually consist of my wife not quite agreeing with me on
the fact that things like the Vacuum Cleaner "really" need to be set
to come on and off at scheduled intervals..  ;-)

Well, thought some of you might be interested in sharing them..

My latest?

Well, I ordered an X10 Pro XPS light switch to control the flourescent
lighting in our kitchen..  The day the unit arrived, I went to
installing it right away.  The wife mentioned some comment about me
being like a kid in a candy store everytime I get a new X10 gizmo.
Anyhow, the installation went well and shortly afterwards I had my
kitchen lights (Finally) X10 controllable...  However, after about 3
of those loud "Click" on/off cycles, something suddenly went wrong..
It seems that there was a hot wire within the electrical box that had
become bare in one spot, and after a few of the relay clicks jolting
it into just the right position, you guessed it - blamo!

All in all, no harm done..  The switch survived, and the breaker
popped so there was no damage except for about a 2 foot round black
ring of soot around the wall switch.  :-)   I tracked down the culprit
wire (The actual cut being hardly noticable) and snipped it off..
Cleaning off the "explosion ring" wasn't quite so easy.  Heheh..

Of course, the only fallout was that for about 3 days after this the
wife was convinced that every X10 module in the house was an H-Bomb
waiting to explode..  She wouldn't even touch the palm-pad for about a
week after for fear of having the entire house go up in a mushroom
cloud..   I finally convinced her that it was safe, and that the
bare-wire was a fluke, but she really wasn't much for my X10 gizmo's
for a week or two..  :)

Glad that's over..  I've got more appliance modules in the mail!

Mark,  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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