Writing file mark

Writing file mark

Post by Lin, Kennet » Fri, 10 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi, I'm using SCSI tape drive to record a long sonar data. I used
scsiPhsyDevIdGet to get the physical device id of tape unit. I used
scsiSeqDevCreate to initialise the sequetial device. Then I used
tapeFsDevInit to initialise th tape file system.

To record the data, I then called "open" with write only option. Data
recording then is done by calling "write". I also write a "short file
mark" to the tape every 5 minutes of data recording. Everything seemed
fine. But every now and then, scsiWrtFileMarks failed with exception
768. I run Tornado on Unix host connected to a target power PC 603.
Windshell is used to test the program. The exception Stack Frame
Contents are the following
vecOffset       768
-error          0
dar             167774776
dsisr           45360
fpcsr           15867656

Does any one have a similar problem before? Does any one know what could
be going wrong?    


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