ISOLATE and PRATITION states on LXT9880 ethernet Repeater?

ISOLATE and PRATITION states on LXT9880 ethernet Repeater?

Post by Babu Yam » Sat, 02 Mar 2002 06:48:14

On Intel's ethernet repeater device LXT9880, what will be the symptoms of
ISOLATE and PARTITION states? When will these states happen?

We are seeing that (my previous post about tx-stall dated Tues, Feb 19th), some
times, MPC8260 CPM is not transmitting to the LXT9880. That is, after we set up
the Buffer Descriptors for DMA, the  CPM is not clearing TXBD[Ready] bit on all
the BDs. We are stuck in this state for ever. Could this symptom be related to
ISOLATE or PARTITION states? If not, what might be causing this?

Any ideas to pursue and fix.

Thanks in advance,


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