Anyone have anything to say about Tornado from Wind River Systems?

Anyone have anything to say about Tornado from Wind River Systems?

Post by Rob Stee » Fri, 14 Feb 1997 04:00:00


If you have any comments about Wind River's Tornado I'd love to hear them.
I don't have much time to read this group so an email response would be
much appreciated. If you love this product or hate it please let me know...

I'll even buy you a virtual beer!




1. Wind River' Tornado 1.0.1 for Windows NT is bugged

I  installed  Tornado 1.0.1  ( 80x86)  for  Windows on 3 PC:
2 NT 4.0 Workstation and a Win98 laptop;

It is about 10 days I am trying to make them work but I am only experimentig
that one installation on WinNT4.0 is working at 60%, another one on  WinNT
4.0  too ( with SP3 )  is absolutly not working. ( installed from the same
CD on an twin machine ( the only difference is that one machine has 2 NTFS
partitions while the other one has 1 FAT16 and 1 NTFS ).
The Win98 version is at the moment the only one that let me compile vxWorks
Yesterday I installed the licence manager 3 times on an NT4.0 Server and, at
last, after 2 reboots  has started working.
At the moment the licence manager is THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS PROPERLY ....
I have the feeling ( and something more really )  that this development
system is a true "banana".

I only hope that vxWorks operating system may work much better than its
development system.

Does anyone experimented a similar case ?


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