Microsoft, Wind River lead in embedded OS sales

Microsoft, Wind River lead in embedded OS sales

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Apparently it would be difficult for Linux to top the list as it is by
revenue.  Perhaps WRS should charge unreal royalties like CE...  At
least it is proof that Microsoft know how to make money.

Bill Pringlemeir.


Microsoft, Wind River lead in embedded OS sales

By Charles J. Murray

EE Times (03/21/03, 04:01:31 PM EDT)

PARK RIDGE, Ill.  A new study places Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, Wash.)
at the head of the pack in revenues earned from the sale of embedded
operating systems and bundled software in 2002, with perennial market
leader Wind River Systems, Inc., dropping to the second spot.

The authors of the study added, however, that Wind River continues to
hold "a commanding market leadership position" in the specific area of
real-time operating systems, which it has long dominated.

The study , compiled by Venture Development Corp. (VDC, Natick, Mass.)
reflects revenues earned from the sale of real-time and non-real-time
embedded operating systems. Because it includes non-real-time
operating systems, the list of revenue earners includes such companies
as Palm, Inc. and Symbian, Ltd., which sell operating systems for
personal digital assistants (PDAs) and mobile handsets.

VDC analysts said they broadened the scope of the new study because
the embedded market is changing so rapidly. "Five years ago, there was
a much smaller circle of companies supplying embedded operating
systems," said Stephen Balacco, VDC's embedded software analyst and an
author of the study. "But many of the [embedded] devices that are
being built today don't necessarily have hard real-time requirements."

Hard real-time operating systems, which are characterized by
deterministic, low-latency performance, have traditionally made up the
bulk of the embedded systems market. Such systems have typically been
used in aerospace, military, industrial automation, telecommunications
and automotive applications, as well as in other safety-critical
applications that require fast response times.

In contrast, non-real-time operating systems are increasingly being
used in consumer applications like set-top boxes, mobile phones, web
pads and PDAs.

Wind River, which has traditionally dominated the embedded OS market,
emphasized last week that it has not lost its status as the biggest
player in the real-time embedded segment. "The inclusion of revenue
from the handheld market changes the picture," said Anders Kamperin,
marketing manager for Wind River Systems. "If you looked at the
embedded market five years ago, you wouldn't have seen Palm or Symbian
near the top."

The study placed Symbian in third and Palm in fourth in the revenue list.

Worldwide Shipments of Embedded OS's, Bundled Products, and Related
Services, segmented by Leading Vendors for 2002.

   1. Microsoft
   2. Wind River Systems
   3. Symbian
   4. Palm
   5. QNX
   6. Enea Data
   7. Green Hills Software
   8. LynuxWorks
   9. MontaVista Software
  10. Accelerated Technology
      (Mentor Graphics)

Balacco said, however, that the study's results show how far Microsoft
has come since its embedded reorganization in May 2000. "When they
created a platform group for embedded appliances, they sent a signal
to the industry that they were establishing a long-term commitment to
embedded," he said. "This study shows the results of that commitment."

Wind River, meanwhile, has been affected by the downturn in the
telecommunications market, which Balacco said once made up almost 60
percent of the company's business. "There's no doubt that Wind River
has felt the effects of the telecom slowdown," Balacco said.

In the past three years, Wind River's revenues have slipped from $438
million to $351 million to $249 million, a Wind River spokesperson
said. Balacco said VDC's study, titled "Embedded/Real-Time Operating
Systems and Toolkits," proves that embedded suppliers need to be
flexible if they want to meet changing market needs. "There's pressure
on vendors to continue to examine and modify their business models,"
Balacco said. "They need to be able to adapt to new market forces."

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1. Wind River should follow Netscape's lead...

What was it my Mum used to say, be careful what you ask for;
you might just get it! I am not sure if source code would be a blessing
or a curse!

Seriously though, I think the bigger issue here is not so much that there

are bugs in the product or that customers are asking for new features,
rather why WRS seems to be so slow to respond with bug fixes and product
enhancements that make sense.

I find the Tornado environment to be quirky at best. The target servers
die for no apparent reason and have to be constantly restarted, the
consistently fails to attach to the target the first time after the
target is rebooted,
and lets not even mention the license server which seems to have a mind
of its

When I pointed out that some vxWorks commands send their output to
windShell and some send it to the console port or network port, someone
WRS told me that was a feature not a bug. In my mind a feature has to
some utility and I fail to see the utility in this. Perhaps we are an
atypical customer.

I spend a significant portion of my day dealing with these quirks rather
doing real work. I am sure all these little things can be solved. The
question is
why are customers investing time solving these problems rather than the

WRS recently sent me a letter telling me that they consider their suport
to be
amoungst the best in the industry. Rather than contribute to the virtual
of WRS, I  for one would rather hear other people's experiences, both
and bad with product support.

Perhaps we can have a dialog on the exploder and provide some
constructive feedback to WRS.  But before we waste people's time, perhaps
someone in authority at WRS would care to respond as to whether this type
of discussion would *really* be taken
to heart. And I don't mean some blanket statement about how they are
committed to providing the best support etc, etc.

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