Horror stories with Motorola 1603 board?

Horror stories with Motorola 1603 board?

Post by Scott D. Ro » Tue, 05 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone have any experience with the pre-beta VxWorks
for the PowerPC processor board 1603 that Motorola sells?
Does it work? Any special gotchas? Does VxWorks have to save
and restore all 32 64-bit floating point registers during a
context switch? Any memory leaks? Is your application in

1. Motorola MVME 1603 Interrupt Setup - Help Please

We are having trouble setting up an VME interrupt from an external board
using the MVME 1603 Power PC board usign Windriver Tornado.  The WindRiver
docs are confusing.  Specifically, does anybody know how to link the
interrupt vector to the vector table correclty so the PIC vector indexes
the correct ISR?  Any help will be appreciated.


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