VxWorks & IpSec

VxWorks & IpSec

Post by Mike Hann » Fri, 30 Jul 1999 04:00:00

We are considering VxWorks for an upcoming project that needs IpSec support.
Has anyone attempted using any of the IpSec libraries?  If so, how did it
work out?

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1. IPSec on VxWorks

I checked the VxWorks FAQ but didn't find anything to address this.

We're using VxWorks in a VoIP application and I'm interested in finding
compatible IPSec implementations; I've heard that WindRiver has
something in the works but I can't seem to get a hard answer about when
it's going to be available. At this point I'm mainly looking for
information on resource utilization (memory footprint, processing
latency etc.) and licensing etc.

Anyone used IPSec with VxWorks, like Intoto's, or another 3rd party
vendor or anything else?  Anyone have any more information about
WindRivers implementation?  Anybody have any information about this at

Thanks .... N

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