B/W Picture Compression

B/W Picture Compression

Post by Datamatikerstu » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 17:48:13

hi, there

we are two students doing a projekt involving storing b/w pictures in a
oracle 7 database. because of the amount of pictures to be stored we have
to compress the pictures.

now we are looking for information about various picture compression
algorithms and programs. if anyone could help us with recommentable
books, source code, test results (b/w pictures) or anything else, we
would be very thankful.

thanks in advance


1. PDF-picture compression


I create some PDF-files from an application that set up a list of cars with

I now have this problem that PDF_writer is not able to shrink the pictures
if they are "too big"..

One car dealer has just bought a new digi-cam and therefore his pictures are
of a higher resolution.. Those pictures does not look proper in the PDF
created.. The pictures from the old camera looks fine..
It's only when the pictures are reduzed beyond a specific size (visual
size), if they are created a little bigger the look ok...

If compression is turned of on PDF-writer, it generates a 30Mb PDF (normaly
400Kb) but the pictures look fine.. This is not an option since the file are
send over the internet...
I have tried to change the compression between high -> low with no result..

I use Adobe acrobat 4.0 -> PDF_writer v.4.05

Please help..

regards Dennis

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