location of FAQ file

location of FAQ file

Post by Tandhoni R » Thu, 02 Jul 1992 01:01:12

Could anyone tell me the location of the comp.compression FAQ file ?


Tandhoni Rao
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1. Question re: wireless remote control/transceivers--location, location, location???

I set up the wireless remote control/transceiver combo which came in
my ActiveHome kit, and found that, depending on which outlet the
transceiver was plugged into, certain switches were controllable and
others weren't.  It I bought a second transceiver, found an outlet for
each which covered half the outlets, and now they seem to all work.
Some outlets work partially, occasionally, or not at all as
transceiver locations.

Is this just because I have noisy lines, or need a coupler on my
fusebox?  Is there something I'm missing as a solution?  I'd rather
not have these two boxes with antennae sitting where the kids can get
'em.  Thanks!  {Jonathan}
Jonathan Ezor

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