Text Compression, Image Compression and GEnetic Algorithms

Text Compression, Image Compression and GEnetic Algorithms

Post by Harald Helfgo » Fri, 08 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am doing research on image compression with Dr. James Storer and Dr. Martin
Cohn (the DCC guys) and research on genetic programming and genetic algorithms
with Dr. Jordan Pollack. Naturally, I am thinking about applying genetic
algorithms to text and image compression. I wonder whether there is any
research already done on the project. I have heard some rumors about
some researchers in Hong Kong University doing research on image compression
using fractals and genetic algorithms, but I am more interested in
vector quantization and LZ-like algorithms than in fractal image compression.
Any references? Any ideas? After all, ADFs are like data compression --
only in genetic programming!

Harald Helfgott


1. Fractal compression and Genetic Algorithms


I'm a student of University of Technology, and I want to implement
genetic algorithms for fractal compression. Is it a good idea? Are the
GA useful for that?
Is there anyone who tried to use GA for fractal compression?
Could you write me what was the results and how it was done.
I mean how were made mating operator and mutation operator, which
you used as a genes etc .


Pozdrowienia / Best regards

Marcin Szczesniak

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