New version of JPEG-LS software

New version of JPEG-LS software

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A new version of HP's JPEG-LS software implementation (V0.90) is
available at


The new version reflects minor changes resulting from the November
meeting of the ISO/JTC1/SC29/WG1 (JPEG) standards committee.
In particular, the JPEG markers assigned to JPEG-LS were changed as
    JPEG-LS Start of frame (SOF): from X'FFF0' (old) to X'FFF7' (new).
    JPEG-LS parameters (LSE) from X'FFF2' (old) to X'FFF8' (new).
These changes, of course, do not affect compressed file sizes, but
they do affect binary stream compatibility. Thus, files compressed
with previous versions of the software (V0.87 and older) are
incompatible with V0.90 and with the standard. The latter is expected
to attain DIS status in mid December.

New at the Web site:
- JPEG-LS executables for SGI machines.
- An archive containing the images used for standard
  conformance testing as specified in the final draft
  of 14495-1 (JPEG-LS).

Marcelo Weinberger
Gadiel Seroussi

Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Palo Alto, California


1. JPEG-LS Software

Here is a preliminary implementation of parts of the proposed JPEG-LS standard, DIS 14495.

Phone 717-897-7123 Fax 717-897-5117

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JPEG-LS Software

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Getting it ...

What is it ...

This is a preliminary implementation of the proposed JPEG-LS standard, DIS 14495. See "" for the text of the committee draft of this standard (which has since been updated, but electronic versions are not allowed to be distributed due to ISO rules).


So far, only the fully lossless mode has been tested, not the near lossless mode, so there is no command line option to turn on the latter yet, though the logic is in place.

The output stream doesn't yet contain JPEG marker segments ... it is just a dump of the compressed bit stream. Hence only the default threshold values are supported, and the size and bit depth of the image has to be specified on the decompression command line as well.

It only handles one component (ie. grayscale images) for now.


This experiment is actual part of a larger package, the dicom3tools package for medical images, which is why all sorts of wierd template generate source files are needed for the compilation.



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