What is Wavelette compression ???

What is Wavelette compression ???

Post by lukas karbowsk » Wed, 16 Dec 1998 04:00:00

What sort of algorithms ?
are there any docs
can i use it for real time encoding software ...



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What is Wavelette compression ???

Post by Jamie Ro » Wed, 16 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Try 'Wavelet'.

Quote:> What sort of algorithms ?

Basically a transform, i.e. wavelets change your data into a different
representation of the same size. The trick is to make the transformed
data more compressible by standard means - runlength, Huffman, etc....

Can be lossless or lossy.

Can be used in similar applications to DCT or FFT.

Can be used for motion / edge detection in image processing.

Quote:> are there any docs

Sure, try these:


Quote:> can i use it for real time encoding software ...

Perhaps. They do tend to be quite intensive since the transform uses MAC
(multiply and accumulate) operations.



1. I am looking for a compression/encryption utility that will...

Let me describe what I am seeking... if anyone here knows of such a thing,
please let me know.  I realize I could write this app myself, but would
rather not if there something out there that already suits the purpose.

I need to acquire a small utility that I can distribute.  This utility will
allow a user to specify an existing file or files (drag and drop would be a
nice bonus), and the app would generate an encrypted version that they could
email back to me.  It needs strong encryption due to sensitive nature - lots
of personal info including SSNs.  Here is what makes my requirements unique:
I want to be able to specify the password in advance, embedded in the
utility, so when they specify one or more files for inclusion, they just
click "Generate" and it creates file for them to send to me.  They don't
have to know or care about the password.  I need to be able to periodically
change the embedded password, which would then necessitate me resending the
utility out, or maybe just a small file with a key - not sure how this would
work.  I need for the utility to display a title of my choice, so everyone
will know what version it is (and therefore I would know what the password

Since the people I distribute this to could not use it for any other purpose
than to send files to me, I would not think that a distribution license
would be necessary, or very expensive in any case.

Anyone know of such a thing ?



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