Beginner help

Beginner help

Post by Sharad Gane » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 15:45:21


I'm a beginner to MPEG compression standards. I actually want to
implement copying from DVD - VCD etc. I have come to understand that does something similar. They use DivX and
MPEG compresion. Can anyone tell me how do I go about implementing
MPEG-4 compression / decompression to copy DVD - CD ? Basically, the
VOB files in the DVD would have to be compressed. Am I right ? How
should the compression  be carried out ? The user would in the end be
able to copy from a DVD to a CD and be able to play a video file. Pls.
link me to some sources, from where I can get started. Are there any
standard algorithms for MPEG-4 implementation ?

Thanks and any help will be appreciated.

Sharad Ganesh


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