HELP! MPEG/MP3 running too fast in Media Player

HELP! MPEG/MP3 running too fast in Media Player

Post by magius eterna » Tue, 16 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I'm using Win 98 and Windows Media Player 6.0 and IrfanView are the two programs
I use to watch/listen to MPEGs/MP3s.  Now, just two days ago, whenever I try to
open a MP3/MPEG clip in IrfanView I get a "cannot find file" message (where file
is the name of the file I'm trying to open, not a dll or anything) and in Media
Player, MP3s and MPEGs run ultra-fast.  Kinda like someone put it on 3x speed or
something.  This applies to BOTH sound and video.  I've tried re-installing
Media Player, but to no avail. Can anyone help me out here?



1. Xaudio 1.0 - Fast Multiplatform MP3 Player

Xaudio 1.0 for Unix has been released.

Xaudio is a very fast multiplatform MPEG Audio Decoder.
It supports MPEG layer 1, 2 and 2 (MP1, MP2 and MP3) at all bitrates and
sampling frequencies.
Xaudio Player is distributed in 3 flavors:
 * a command line program (small and efficient)
 * a Motif GUI program (nice interface with builtin playlist, etc...)
 * a text base 'pipe' remote control, for controlling the player from
   an external front-end (like java, perl, tcl/tk, or others).

You can download a copy from

Xaudio Player is based on the Xaudio SDK, a flexible toolkit that allows
developpers on all platforms to use MPEG Audio in their applications.

Xaudio supports customizable input and output plugin modules, and builtin
modules allow easy network streaming.
You can stream audio files from an HTTP server, or using UDP packets (unicast
or broadcast).

Xaudio is available for the following platforms:
  * Windows (95/NT) x86
  * Windows Alpha
  * Linux x86
  * Linux Alpha
  * Linux PowerPC
  * Solaris Sparc
  * Solaris x86
  * FreeBSD
  * SCO OpenServer
  * BeOS PowerPC

we are also about to release versions for
  * Linux Sparc
  * UnixWare
  * HPUX
  * BeOS x86

Xaudio Player is a $10 shareware, so please register your copy online at to support our efforts, and help us
continue to develop the program.

#####  #####  #####
##### #######  ###

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