Best LZ77 data structures

Best LZ77 data structures

Post by Charles Blo » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 15:07:13


I am well versed in the data structures used in LZW-style compressors
(hashed-linked lists, patricia trees, etc.) but how does one implement
the data structure for an LZ77-style compressor?  Obviously, you cannot
just do standard searches on the raw text window, that is much too slow.

It seems to me that the problem of sliding the window and maintaining a
fast data structure is a rather difficult one...

Thanks for any help/suggestions!




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I'm learning as best I can using every book orielly makes.  I am trying
to saved a complex data structure (hash). I'm trying to use Berkly
DBFile and tie. I am unable to store the file ie retrieve info once I
have exited the program.  Once I tie a hash toe the  file access the
contents should be the same as accessing the contents of the hash

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