MPEG Audio Layer 3 Shareware 1.0 Available

MPEG Audio Layer 3 Shareware 1.0 Available

Post by Harald Po » Sun, 14 Aug 1994 00:27:19

new version 1.0 of ISO/MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 Shareware available

major improvements of the new version:
     - encoder works twice as fast
     - improved file handling for encoder including .WAV files

You may download the shareware from (
from the directory /pub/layer3

You will find files for PCs and files for SUN workstations.
For each "zip" file (PCs) or "tar.gz" file (SUN) there is a short
"txt" file describing the contents of the packed files.
There are versions with and without a demo bitstream available.


1. MPEG audio Layer-3 shareware available!

Our MPEG audio Layer-3 shareware (stereo encoder and stereo decoder), version
0.99, is now available:

via anonymous ftp from (
via modem download from +49 911 9933662 (Name: FHG),

The programs are written for IBM-PCs or Compatibles with MS-Dos.
On a 486DX2/66, the performance of the software decoder is about 33 % of the
performance necessary for real-time audio processing. The encoder needs about
30 minutes to encode a 1 minute audio data file. These figures assume
encoding/decoding of stereo audio material at 44.1 kHz /sec.

Happy Coding!

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