difference... wavelet & subband?

difference... wavelet & subband?

Post by kuni » Thu, 23 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hi.. gurus!!

I think wavelet coding is some kind of subband coding.

Is it right?


1. subband (wavelets) : coding the top & bottom plane?

Are there any clever tricks for handling the first
and last planes of subband (such as wavelet, or
tree-structured DCT) data?

The problem is that these planes are different than
all others, in that the first has no parents, and
the last has no children, so that one cannot blindly
apply the same coding scheme to all levels.

If we code bitplanes in quartets of bits (each quartet
is the four children of some parent), then the usual
technique is to turn the top plane's quartets into a
singlet and 3 "children".  The singlet is coded by
some DPCM or something plain; this then has the problem
that the 3 children are not four - they must be coded
differently than the main data.  This means that they
cannot share statistics with the main data, a problem
especially for adaptive arithmetic coding.




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