Ultrasonic Imaging Project

Ultrasonic Imaging Project

Post by Jim Whitesid » Tue, 03 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Following on from my last NG posting, I have progressed! My 6500 module is
now chirping away merrily in multiple echo mode under the control of a
PIC16C74 which is  sending data back to my PC via RS232 which displays it
graphically. No image analysis is happening yet though.

I've written down details of progess to date and how I intend to move on,
in the hope of generating a discussion. To stop you all from getting bored
(or are you *s?) I'm not posting it on the NG, but will E-Mail it
to anyone interested.

Why don't more people write reports about their work? I'd be fascinated to
find out more about what you are all doing!



1. Ultrasonic Imaging Project

The site detailing lots of fun things to do with Polaroid modules has moved
to www.bigblackbook.uk.com/jim/usi_project and I've also tidied and
rearranged a bit.

Hopefully I'm going to have some time to progress it ...

Jim Whiteside.


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