g code motion control with Labview?

g code motion control with Labview?

Post by Doug Danielso » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Can the Labview (LV) motion software be programmed with G code? I have
some g code programs as a legacy and would like to run them on a new
Lv based motion system I am putting together.

Any general comments about NI's Nulogic based motion products? I would
appreciate some comments from real users before I buy.

Has anyone used Compumotors Vis and could comment on their robustness?


Doug Danielson

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1. Stanley Lightmaker radio controlled motion detector light control

3 years or so ago these devices were available.  They are battery powered motion
 detector which send a specific house code unit code on signal when motion is detected.
  The signal is send to a wireless receiver which then puts out the normal power
 line signal
I installed 3 at various locations and they worked wonderfully well.  After 2 years
 the batteries needed replacement.  Then the units started sending false detects.
  Stanley was kind enough to send free replacement units, but these, too, acted the
 same way.
The reason given was that voltage produced by 4 AA batteries had changed over the
 years - differences I don't understand.  My question is has anyone else used these?
  Has anyone else had similar problems.  How did you repair them.
Again, the first two years they worked great.  The last year they have collected
 dust, while I fussed and fumed and accomplished nothing....
Any tips or questions appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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