what is embedded 386 or PC/104

what is embedded 386 or PC/104

Post by Randy Gardne » Fri, 16 Jan 1998 04:00:00

> Hi There,
> I am not aware of what these things are; embedded 386 or PC/104.  I
> know here computers or something along those lines but I was
> wondering if someone can enlighten me a little on the purpose,
> advantages and so on.

Embedded 386:  A 386 computer designed in be implemented inside
another device.  See any basic robotics FAQs for more info.  Also

PC/104:  A board size/shape/bus design/etc for designing minature
computer systems.  Examples are wearables and palmtops.  The boards
are designed to fit like `legos', as they can be pluged together
in many ways.


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what is embedded 386 or PC/104

Post by Todd Schifferdecke » Sun, 18 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Don't forget, PC104 uses the same signals as an ISA (PC XT or PC AT) bus,
just with different connectors(.025 inch pins on 0.1 inch centers).  The
ready made boards still seem to be a bit pricey IMHO.
Todd Schifferdecker
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1. what is embedded 386 or PC/104


        An embedded microchip is just a chip with all funcionallity, i.e. a 386
with all the peripherals in it, so if you want to make a control board
using a 386, you can design your own motherboard very easy because in
just one chip you have almost all chips you need.

        An embedded microprcessor can include timers, PIC, bus controllers, IO
lines, ADC or DAC, serial or parallel ports...

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