BS2 to BS2 Serial Communication

BS2 to BS2 Serial Communication

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Are there any sites with information about networking BS2s?

BS2 to BS2 Serial Communication

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>Are there any sites with information about networking BS2s?

Take a look at the free S.N.A.P network protocol. Examples
for BS1 and BS2 available for download. Note, the examples
listed at the site are using our PLM-24 Power Line Modem but
could easily be modified to any other media (RS-485, RF etc.).

Also available is a 32-bit DLL with examples in VB4 and VB6
if you need to write control software on your PC.

Good luck,


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BS2 to BS2 Serial Communication

Post by Gome » Mon, 30 Aug 1999 04:00:00

In reply to you question regarding BS2:

Quote:>Are there any sites with information about networking BS2s?

Geez I hate to say this: In the Parallax BSII manual, page 318 (under Serout &
Serin discussions) you will find a circuit diagram for which you need only 1
resistor to achieve BS2 to BS2 serial communication.
If you lack the manual, it can be downloaded for free from:

Not that I've tried the circuit yet, but the manual tends to be correct.

Have fun!


1. BS2 serial comms problem

I tried to use the SIN and SOUT pins on my BSII to communicate with my
computer.  I followed the directions exactly.  Here's a diagram of my

Stamp Pin 1 -----------> PC serial pin 2
Stamp Pin 2 -----------> PC serial pin 3
Stamp Pin 3 ---.--||---> PC serial pin 4
Stamp Pin 4 ---`-------> PC serial pin 5
                    ---> PC serial pin 1
                    ---> PC serial pin 6
                    ---> PC serial pin 7
                    ---> PC serial pin 8

And here is my program

<code starts>
datain  var     byte
dataout var     byte

dirs = %0000000011111111
outl = %00000000

serin 16,84,[datain]
outl = datain

dataout = inh
serout 16,84,[dataout]
goto main
<code ends>

The program worked for about a minute then the outputs went dead and nothing
happens.  When I try to program, it says "hardware not found".  Is my Stamp
toast or can I salvage it?  Thank you very much for your time.

Chiu-Yuan Fang

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