need 68hc11 help

need 68hc11 help

Post by H. Pieni » Mon, 23 Sep 1996 04:00:00

 need some help with my 68hc11.

 i don't know how to use port a (2-6) as a general purpose output line,
 how can i seperate it from the timer-system and contol the output by
 writing to port a ?
 is it possible to use pa6 and pa5 for PWM , while pa4 and pa3 are
 normal output lines ?

 who can help ?


need 68hc11 help

Post by Itai Nahsh » Mon, 23 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Quote:> i don't know how to use port a (2-6) as a general purpose output line,

I had no problem just writing to the port (output pins only).
Even to pins that are controlled by the timer. I used the timer to
set the output pin and then have the interrupt handler write to
the port and reset the pin.



1. help needed on 68hc11

I'm involved in a mobile robot project. I'm using PC-104 and 68HC08
currently to read and process data from the sensors, and control the
robot. This has led to a lot of load on the PC-104. So, I have decided
to move some (or most) of the sensor handling to a dedicated h/w and
leave the algorithm handling to PC-104. I have thought about 68hc11 to
handle the sensor triggering, fetching data from it, and giving it to
PC-104 on request. I need to know whether I'm right in my choice of
the u-Controller, or is there a better alternative. And, if I stick to
68HC11, which one of the 68hc11s should I use. My hardware
requirements are as follows:
a) 2 IR sensors - voltage requirement 5v, current 33mA
b) 2 SONARs - voltage requriement 5v, current 50mA, and it needs a
trigger pulse of width min 10uSecs
c) 4 photoreflectors - voltage 5v, current ~30mA.
d) Need to generate a PWM for each speed controller used with the

So, the above mentioned requirements are for each piece of the
sensors. If you could give me some ideas/pointers that would really

[Later, I'd be adding a compass and an accelerometer to this list.]


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