Job: Mechanical systems designer

Job: Mechanical systems designer

Post by Russ Page » Wed, 28 May 1997 04:00:00

Mechanical Engineer / Designer

My company has immediate openings for mechanical designers/engineers.

We manufacture laboratory to medium scale process equipment for the
semiconductor industry.  

We are looking for creative self motivated people to handle product
improvement, design and custom engineering.  Products range from
benchtop instruments to sophisticated fully robotic systems for
processing silicon wafers.  

Our products incorporate DC servos, stepper motors, miniature pneumatics
and sheet metal cabinetry.  You are not expected to design, connect or
program the electronics, just understand and use them in your designs.

We're not picky about what kind of degree you have (Mechanical,
Electrical, Physics, Technical School etc.).  We are primarily looking
for people who understand how mechanical things work and who can use an
intuitive approach and a CAD system to build mechanisms that work.

To prevent wasting your time, here are some skills that we are not
really looking for:

* Construction / archetectural engineering

* Draftsmen with no design experience

* Manufacturing, process or compliance engineers

* Machining, sheet-metal working, blacksmithing

To be honest I'd rather hear from someone who has designed and
constructed a working windshield wiper mechanism from scratch than a
room full of engineers that have never held a screwdriver in their

No flames please.  This is a serious opening.  We've pretty much
exhausted the newspaper ad route and this seemed like a good place to
find a candidate with the background we are looking for.  These are full
time permanent positions (no consultants please).

If you are interested in these positions please e-mail to

Thank you.



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