Radio Shack IR pair

Radio Shack IR pair

Post by Ben Wir » Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:00:00


        You might hit the Sharp website, as I recall after a lot of looking I
finally found the datasheet.


> > Hi, I've been messing around with the IR pair available from Radio
> > Shack and I noticed the pinout on the package for the detector
> > seems backwards I am powering
> > the emitter through a 175 ohm resistor with a 9V battery and the detector
> > through about a 300 ohm resistor with a 9V battery.

> You might have already fried one or both parts. 175 ohms might be
> sufficient current limiting at 5 volts, but not at 9+

> Normal pullup resistor value for a phototransistor is 10K, not 300
> ohms.

> Although I usually use pairs out of old floppy drives and document
> scanners, I have used the high output Radio Shack IR diodes without
> any problems. As with any device, you must operate it within design
> specs for satisfactory results.