macintosh gerber file viewer?

macintosh gerber file viewer?

Post by Dennis Clar » Wed, 16 Oct 2002 01:44:31


  I'm looking for a Macintosh Gerber viewer that will read RS-274X Gerber
files, the one with the embedded aperture lists.  I've found a VERY few
viewers, some I had to pay for, and none of them could read this (now old)
newer Gerber file format.  I don't need Linux, open-source or Windows
software, I have all my schematic capture and PCB design software on my
Mac.  I've searched the web for weeks and found absolutely nothing, which
doesn't really mean anything, so much out there is hidden or hit-or-miss...

Much appreciated,
(Responses to this will be going to comp.arch.embedded)

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Thank you, Danke sch|n, Tack s} mycket, Paljon kiitoksia ....



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