touch recognition

touch recognition

Post by John Case » Tue, 05 Dec 2000 06:55:52


Dead reckoning is the easiest to implement and I think
has much to recommend it. You must be able to 'reset'
the positional data before the values drift to a level
that would cause failure.

Rather then implement complex sonar etc. I think touch
should be sufficient. Two feelers at the front could
interrogate the shape of any object the robot makes
contact with. Is it the leg of a table, chair or a flat
surface like a wall? What is the robots orientation with
regards to the object. According to the memory map the
nearest object of this type should be at x=343 y=987 but
the positional data says x=302 y=986 best make a correction.

Contact is a very simple and accurate way to measure the
distance between the robot and the object. Moving the
feeler over and around objects should be an easy way to
'feel' the shape of the object.

This is a project I am interested in trying so any
thoughts on how best to make such 'feelers' would be



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