Excel Dialog box input

Excel Dialog box input

Post by Barbara Gelha » Tue, 28 Sep 1993 21:49:30

In an Excel 4.0 application I am writing, I am using dialog boxes to input
data.  The dialog boxes are comprised of edit list boxes where the user can
either type in a value or select it from a list.  For example, they have to
input "Event Type" and their choices are 1, 2, or SV.  So they can either
type 1, 2, or SV into the edit box or select from the list.  If they type
in the value and then check the list, the correct value is checked on the
list as selected. The result from the edit list box is the value and the
value's list number.  I select the value from the dialog box's results
cells and copy this value to the appropriate cell on the data worksheet.

Some users bypass the dialog box and input the values directly into the
cells on the worksheet.  For some reason EXCEL does not equate a 1 (or 2
etc) entered via the dialog box with a 1 (or 2 etc.) entered directly.  The
two values look the same on the worksheet (i.e. no leading spaces or other
visible characters) but if I use a formula to see if they are equal (e.g.
=C6=C7) the answer is false.  Any clues as to what is going on?

Barbara Gelhard
University of Pennsylvania


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Thanks for the assist.


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