Spreadsheets under Unix/X

Spreadsheets under Unix/X

Post by David E. Damou » Thu, 18 Feb 1993 01:20:55

but when you say Motif or Open look interface, I
Quote:>seem to remember that it still basically is a character based interface
>and that it does not compare to the 123 under windows or OS/2. What the X
>version does is putting a front end on top, but beneath it is still
>the old lotus, or am I wrong here. How does it e.g. compare to
>wingz or exclaim?

The Open Look version appears to be based on Lotus release 3.  It has
the three-dimensional spreadsheet model and the simultaneous viewing of
raster graphs along with spreadsheets, as in 3.  Relative to the DOS
version, the OpenLook version has added full mouse support (available
in a limited way in DOS with the WYSIWYG add-in), "hot buttons" and pull down menus
duplicating most of the keyboard commands and functions.  It doesn't have
much WYSIWYG display capability other than the graphics.  It comes with a
floating network license.

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Spreadsheets under Unix/X

Post by Keith A. Lew » Thu, 18 Feb 1993 11:56:38

Applix sells a decent Unix/X spreadsheet as part of an office automation
package. Their package includes word processing, graphics, mail, and
a complete macro language called ELF. By complete I mean that anything
you can do by hand can be done using ELF. Anything. Even drawing graphics.
Call Applix at 1-800-8ASTERX to get a free demo CD.

-Keith Lewis

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Applix other than being a satisfied
customer. Honest, they didn't even buy me lunch.


Spreadsheets under Unix/X

Post by David Newm » Fri, 19 Feb 1993 08:02:04

>>>>2) What are the various packages that will operate under *nix?

>There's another one, eXclaim, which is made by Quality Software Products.
>This is the same company which makes the Qcalc spreadsheet which appears
>to have escaped Lotus' wrath for one reason or another.
>Qcalc is also reasonably priced, quite portable, and easy to setup. With
>SCO out of the picture I'd say it's the best of the current crop of
>character-based spreadsheets.
>I haven't used eXclaim myself, but I have seen it in use. It's a 100%
>Windows spreadsheet, Motif L&F, that's been around for a while and
>appears to be pretty mature and stable.

>All my opinions, of course.

Island Graphics Corporation acquired the eXclaim spreadsheet from
Quality Software Products:  to quote from the news release, which
was posted to comp.newprod last week:

                    Island Graphics Acquires
        eXclaim! Spreadsheet & MASTERPLAN Project Manager
                from Quality Software Products

   Island to Integrate QSP Products into Island's UNIX Product Line

San Rafael, California -- February 4, 1993 -- Island Graphics Corporation
announced today that it has acquired the eXclaim! spreadsheet and
MASTERPLAN project management software products from Quality Software
Products of Culver City, California.  Island is now shipping the QSP
products, and will release Island versions in Q2 '93. Terms of the
acquisition were not disclosed.

eXclaim! is a graphical spreadsheet for UNIX which offers Lotus 1-2-3
compatibility and an optional SQL front-end to Ingres and Oracle
databases.  MASTERPLAN is a graphical project manager for UNIX which
lets users manage up to 10,000 resources and 10,000 activities. Both
products use the OSF/Motif graphical user interface.  Island Graphics
is now shipping eXclaim! and MASTERPLAN for Sun SPARCstation, HP 9000
Series, IBM RS/6000, and other UNIX platforms.

David Newman

Marketing Manager, Office Products Division     uunet!island!dave
Island Graphics Corporation                     Tel: 415/491-1000 x 111
4000 Civic Center Drive, 4th Floor              Fax: 415/491-0384
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Spreadsheets under Unix/X

Post by art.. » Sun, 21 Feb 1993 22:18:58

For those of you interested in evaluating X spreadsheets, I am reposted
this recent biz. posting:

Demonstration versions of XESS, the advanced X Windows
spreadsheet, are now available by anonymous ftp from ftp.uu.net
( in the directory /vendor/ais.  An appropriate README
file is provided.  If you need more detailed instructions on

Versions currently in the archive include:
        DECstation Ultrix and OSF/1
        Sun SPARC
        IBM RS/6000 AIX
        HP 9000/300 and 400
        HP 9000/700 and 800
        Data General Aviion DG/UX
        DEC VAX OpenVMS

Other systems are being added regularly to the archive.  While not in
the current archive, versions are available for DEC Alpha AXP OpenVms and
OSF/1, SCO, Interactive, SGI, and others.

XESS, the advanced X Windows spreadsheet, provides the fullest
range of computational and graphical tools for both financial and
scientific/ engineering applications.  The unique XESS
connections API lets client/server applications be fully
integrated with the spreadsheet, sharing data and control and
appearing to the user as a unified application.

XESS defines a new generation of spreadsheets by augmenting
standard spreadsheet functions with ones for matrices, Fourier
transforms, multiple regressions, linear equation solving, and
advanced statistics.  Graph types include bar, line, scatter,
X-Y, polar, pie, histogram, high-low, contour, and 3D surfaces.

Arthur W. Coston
Applied Information Systems
Chapel Hill, NC, USA