HELP! Excel macro problem with links

HELP! Excel macro problem with links

Post by nsl.. » Fri, 08 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Recently, I encountered a problem while I try to write a macro to link
to another workbook. Assume I have two workbooks, one called
BOOK1.XLS, another called BOOK2.XLS. Now inside Sheet1 of BOOK2, I can
put a formula in cell A1 like "='C:\EXCEL\[BOOK1.XLS]Sheet1'!A1" to
get the value from cell A1 inside the Sheet1 of BOOK1.XLS without open
the workbook file. In the macro sheet Macro1 I can do in this way:
        = SET.NAME("Val1", DEREF('C:\EXCEL\[Book1.XLS]Sheet1'!A1)
Now, because I want to link to a variable workbook, so I use a
variable to refer to this reference, say like this:
        = SET.NAME("xRef", REFTEXT('C:\Excel\[Book1.xls]Sheet1'!A1)
        = SET.NAME("Val1", DEREF(TEXTREF(xRef)))
I always got problem with above two statement, first one will got a
system error, if I choose ingore it, then second one will got
reference error.

Anyone can help me?


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Any ideas?


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