XL5: Using View Manager--views from other sheets don't appear

XL5: Using View Manager--views from other sheets don't appear

Post by BalcBa » Sat, 09 Dec 1995 04:00:00

According to Excel Help and books, the View Manager "Lists all the views
defined for the active workbook". However, when I have tried to use it, I
can only get the Views defined for the active *Worksheet* to appear. Is
there some toggle that I have inadvertently turned off somewhere? How can
I get those views from another worksheet of the active workbook to show up
in the listing?

Using Excel 5.0 with Windows 3.1; presumably Excel 5.0a. Is this something
that was fixed with 5.0c?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Lisanne Balcells-Baldwin


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My students' grades are kept in Excel 5 Mac. Can I use the view manager
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want to economize and put 6 to 8 students on a page and cut each sheet
after the printing is finished.

If this will work, what add-ins will I need? If it will not work, I would
appreciate any tips for accomplishing this.

The page will look like the following, with three title rows for each

Student 1 .................

Student 2 .................

Student 3 .................



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