}}}}}}} Upgrade 4.0a to 5.0c Install Problems {{{{{{{

}}}}}}} Upgrade 4.0a to 5.0c Install Problems {{{{{{{

Post by franc.. » Sat, 07 Oct 1995 04:00:00


>Question I would ask is were you running Excel 4.0a and then install the free

(patch) upgrade to 5.0c? If this is the case it is probably because you did
not purchase 5.0 and upgrade from that to the 'c' version. If you purchased
5.0c as a upgrade, not the free patch, then I would suggest that you delete
the Excel directory containing your system files for Excel and do a reload. I
feel that the version detection may be locking you up or a hickup occured
during the upgrade that corrupted a file or two.

>It seems hard to believe that Microsoft Excel Support can not help you. I

must say that if the first call does not provide the answer you want, it is
wise to call several more times until satisfied. I have called up to four
times on various days and times to pose my query to a more experienced support
person. Don't be critical of them they are doing their best. It is a job most
people would not survive in for more than a few hours.

>mark fox

>These are my opinions and not of my employer, persons known or unknown,
living or dead.

  Thanks for your help.  I will try what you suggested.  I did call 4 times.  
I upgraded from 4.0a to 5.0c.  I didn't use any patches.  I purchased the
product at a retail outlet.

1. Upgrade 4.0a to 5.0c Problems. Help !!!

Has anyone run into this problem?
        After I upgraded from Excel 4.0a to Excel 5.0c I couln't run Excel.  
The error idicated that I didn't have a new enough version of Windows.  I'm
using version 3.1.  So I installed WFW 3.1. Got the same error.  Reinstalled
Excel 5.0c and again I got the error that my Windows was to old a version.
After this I installed Word 6.0c and got the same error.
        I'm using a IBM PS/note N45 sl laptop 386SX 25 Mhz computer with 4 MB
memory 80 MB HD that is stacked under MS-DOS 6.20 to 160 MB.  Also runnung
Netscape 1.2 which uses special drivers.
        Didn't have any problems until now.  This is my last hope of solving
this problem.  Microsoft couldn't help.
Francis George

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