can arrow add-ins be used in Excel 4.0

can arrow add-ins be used in Excel 4.0

Post by A1K1 » Mon, 01 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I was trying to find out if I could use add-ins in the form of arrows in order
to sort or filter through information in a column of cells. This is in the
Excel 4.0 application.


1. Using MS Excel 4 add-ins with Excel 5.0a...

I am using a MS Excel 4.0 macro sheet with Excel 5.0a (It is well over
100K and I don't want to rewrite it in VBA just yet). Under version 4.0,
I used to load the add-in "File Functions" to have access to macro

The problem is, now that I am testing the macros for use by people with
Excel 5.0, the File Functions add-in apparently loads, but I cannot use
the functions that I named above. I tried loading the File Functions
add-in by a macro command, and checked that the new functions were
available to me by looking in the list box that comes up when I select
the Insert Function... command. But when I try to use the new functions,
I get a #NAME! error. The same thing happens when I load the add-in
manually, and point the add-ins manager to the correct file using the
Browse... button. It even happens when I first copy the File Functions
add-in to the Macro Library folder that Excel 5.0 uses. Finally, I have
experimented with the add-in that provides compatibility with MS Excel
4.0 add-ins, both with and without also loading File Functions itself,
all without success.

I would be grateful for any help/suggestions that any of you Excel
old-timers like me can provide. Please respond by email only, as I do
not read this newsgroup. If there is sufficient interest, I pledge on my
honor to summarize the best responses and post them here.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
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